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Agen judi casino. Aaron Ramsey Dedication To Arsene Wenger - Aaron Ramsey who is one of the Arsenal midfielder has been said that a good performance he did in the game dealing with Man City some time ago can not be separated from the role of the coach Arsene Wenger over the years.

The Gunners himself had also managed to win the title in the 2014 Community Shield as the second title that they won the title after fasting in the 9 years after they beat Man City with the end result of three goals without reply.

Three goals for the Gunners it was also scored by Santi Cazorla in the minute 21, Aaron Ramsey within 42 minutes, and also the last goal was scored by striker Olivier Giroud the bloody French in 62 minutes Wenger himself had also been by Ramsey touted as one who is so meritorious that he was able to show a very charming game within the game, after last season that he should be absent in a period of four months due to an ankle injury.

Ramsey said had been foretold by the BT Sport some time ago that it was not a bad place for him or Cazorla, they want to play there every week. He is now going to be much quieter in front of goal, realized that he had more time than he did in the past. come here

In addition, Wenger was also meant very large for her. He was also always believed in him, even through a bad period, he always plays himself and he is grateful to be able to pay the trust Wenger. The coach also has also provided a role for himself in which he knew that he was going forward. He was also feeling very well at the position, and he also felt that she chose a very appropriate for a chance in front. artikel judi online

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