Agen Bola Terpercaya - Thank you Pepe Reina For Napoli

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Agen bola terpercaya - Thank you Pepe Reina For Napoli - Although just past adventures in one season along with the Napoli, but it looks like the squad that came from the Naples City also has gained a special place in the hearts of Jose Manuel Reina Paez or which is better known with the name of Pepe Reina. More info

After ending the cooperation with Napoli in the span of one season as one of the only players on loan from Liverpool side, so this time the player also has to be ne of the official keeper of the squad coming from the Bundesliga is Bayern Munich.

The player himself was also going on in Munich for three seasons, according to the official announcement of the Champions League in the past in 2012. Tested in the football atmosphere in the Italian realm, the players themselves were also really have managed to give a very good contribution to bring Napoli to be champions in the Coppa Italia last season. He also managed to bring Napoli finish third in the Italian Serie A, which is where the incision was so way to Napoli to play in the Champions League arena.

Greetings sweet parting of the goalkeeper who has the bald head that was also expressed through the chirp in his twitter account. He said as reported by the Italian Football some time ago that what has been said by friends Benvenuti al Sud is true. When foreigners go to the South, then he cried twice. When the times when he arrived and also when he goes.

Other football news - In addition, he has also added that he also has a very high thanks from the heart to all fans of Napoli because of all the support and affection that has been shown to him. It was a remarkable season for him so far.

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