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Manchester United Benefit Howard Webb? - Agen bola. Howard Webb often accused often make favorable provisions Manchester United. Is it true? How the statistics talk about it?

Mistaken for the best referee in England and one of the most firmly among the world, in most of the opportunities Webb also can not be separated from the controversies over the decision on the field. Not by chance or may not be, in the Premier League last provision that he take benefit often mistaken for MU.

Some people even make photo processing where Webb was wearing a red shirt of the Red Devils. But is it true that Webb helped MU? Whether MU will get better in time led Webb?

Overall there are 47 game 'Red Devils' were led by referee birth of 1971 as well as Manchester United finally reached 29 wins, lost 12 times and drawn 6 times. All the games running within about 10 years Webb to referee in the Champions League. kumpulan artikel judi

During the 5 MU successfully won the Premier League title, with Webb leading the optimum seven games for one season (started in 2005/2006 to 2011/2012). Take into account the other 31 games led by the referee are not the same, it was thought to show Webb does not have much of a role on the successes obtained Ryan Giggs et al.

The most interesting is the first season 9 Webb led the match Manchester United in the Premier League and at the MU is still chaired by Sir Alex Ferguson, the number of victories gained by Manchester United won by half. MU best performance coincided with the Webb 2010/2011 season during which MU reaches 4 wins in 4 matches led by Webb.

All time Fergie at Old Trafford, Manchester United have never lost to the more than 2 times per season in-game action led by Webb. More info

But when David Moyes became manager of Manchester United, Manchester United swallow defeat 3 of 3 matches in which Webb became the court. One of them is the time they lost 1-4 in the Derby Manchester City at the Etihad in September.

One thing that might make opponents supporters insist when Webb often help MU namely with regard to the amount of the penalty. In the 47 times he led the MU game, Webb gave a penalty listed 7 times for the Red Devils. Shortly rival teams he only gave one penalty only.

MU players can earn 84 total yellow cards and 2 red cards by Webb. Shortly MU opponents can collect 82 yellow cards and 2 red cards also.

So, do you think Webb is often advantageous Manchester United?

MU winning percentage in the match coincided with Howard Webb:

2004/2005 - 50% (2 matches)
2005/2006 - 57% (from 7 matches)
2006/2007 - 75% (from 4 matches)
2007/2008 - 50% (from 4 matches)
2008/2009 - 66% (from 6 matches)
2009/2010 - 66% (from 6 matches)
2010/2011 - 100% (from 4 matches)
2011/2012 - 57% (from 7 matches)
2012/2013 - 50% (from 4 matches)
2013/2014 - 0% (3 matches)

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